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No doubt you want to make the most of your retirement, and that means working out what you want to do to make it an incredible period of your life – with no regrets.

That could mean making your lifelong dream of traveling around the world a reality, it could mean learning to play golf or spending more time volunteering, or it could simply mean spending more time with family.

Retirement today is so dramatically different to any generation that came before. If you’re retiring now, you are expected to live on average 34 years longer than your grandparents’ generation – that’s almost as long as most people’s working life! Just imagine what you could achieve during that time!

Finally having the time and freedom to make the most out of life and all it has to offer sounds pretty easy; but making the most of your retirement probably also means making sure you have a plan in place for any unexpected pitfalls that may come your way.

We understand the challenges you may face in retirement, as much as we understand what a fulfilling period of your life this could be.

That’s why we’ve created this blog.

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We aim to provide one-stop advice and information about all aspects of retirement. So we will share our insights in to what makes a successful retirement and, equally, how to plan for one.

What’s more we will bring you knowledge from other experts working with the retirement community on topics ranging from family to health; from wealth planning to making the most of your leisure time; from planning for after you’re gone to dealing with divorce; from long-term care to how to exit your business. Even considerations when starting a business in retirement!

Our aim is to help you feel confident your retirement years will be a hugely fulfilling period of your life.

The Experts Behind the Blog

Ready, Steady, Retire was set up by two Chartered and Certified Financial Planners, Justin King and Martin Bamford. Having co-authored Ready, Steady, Retire! – Plan Your Way to Success in a Redefined Retirementpublished in 2014, and collaborating to produce award-winning feature-length documentary Boom! Demographics Are Destiny, Justin and Martin wanted to share their experience of working with retirees with a wider audience.

This blog is their way of doing just that.

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