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Ready, Steady, Retire! is a new book co-written by retirement planning experts Justin King and Martin Bamford.

A meaningful retirement is worth planning for, but it doesn’t happen by accident. Ready, Steady, Retire! explores the challenges that come with living longer, but not necessarily healthier lives.

These challenges have a direct impact upon retirees, and could have a considerable impact upon their families. Ready, Steady, Retire! explains how creating a financial plan will become the key to dealing with debt, divorce, disease and even death in retirement.

Co-written by retirement planning experts Justin King and Martin Bamford, this book will help you plan your way to success in a redefined retirement.

Collaboration between these two Chartered Financial Planners passionate about bringing peace of mind to the retirement community continues on from the feature length documentary, Boom! Demographics are Destiny, which was written and directed by Martin, with Justin as Executive Producer.

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