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Baby Boomers make up 20% of the British population and control 80% of all wealth. As this privileged generation reach retirement age over the next decade, Financial Planning becomes the key to dealing with debt, divorce, disease and even death.

IndieFEST-Merit-Words-black-1-300x159Boom! Demographics Are Destiny explores how Baby Boomers are redefining the ‘second act’, leading a long and active retirement, and addressing the challenges created by living longer but not necessarily healthier lives.

Directed and filmed by award-winning Chartered Financial Planner and CFP professional Martin Bamford with Justin King as executive producer, and narrated by prize-winning personal finance journalist Paul Lewis, Boom! Demographics Are Destiny answers the big questions about retirement in the UK today.

Featuring expert commentators and innovative events designed to uncover the true story of Baby Boomers entering retirement, Boom! Demographics Are Destiny might be the most important movie you ever watch about your money, society and a whole generation continuing to change the world.

Boom! Demographics Are Destiny is now available to buy on DVD here.

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